The Bluegrass Mafia is a Cincinnati based band, however they are not opposed to travel.  It is hard to say when the band was formed.  Shellie, Joey, and Rob have been playing music together for many years, though it was never an established band until a couple of years ago.  Joey is the son of Shellie, and Rob is Shellie's nephew.  Paula McCall, who has recently joined The Bluegrass Mafia, played music with Shellie for many years with a band called The Burnin' Bluegrass. Paula fits right in with the band and has been a fantastic addition. The Bluegrass Mafia has recently released their debut CD.  They also have a Demo CD available for any prospective venues that may need one.  Prices for a performance vary depending on the venue but feel free to call and inquire.

FB Mafia


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1. I'm Who I’m

2. Home Sweet Home
3. Come Back Home
4. Latest Love
5. She's My Rock
6. Anywhere But Here
7. No Love Songs
8. Hell's Gates On Fire